New Product, More Inovation

New Partnership with Hegenberger Medical

New Product, More Inovation New Product, More Inovation New Product, More Inovation New Product, More Inovation

Hegenberger Medical Announces a Strategic Distribution Partnership with Aviquímica

Hegenberger Medical is pleased to announce that Aviquímica has been appointed as a strategic Enterprise Partner and the exclusive distribution partner of the Hegenberger Retractor in Portugal. The Hegenberger Retractor, invented by Danish midwife Malene Hegenberger, is a unique, innovative and award-winning device, which transforms postpartum exploration and suturing by providing a clear view of the vaginal walls and perineum, improving outcomes for women with postpartum tears. The Hegenberger Retractor is the first innovation in this field of obstetric practice for over 150 years.

Aviquímica is a leading company in the distribution of medical, surgical, hygiene, patient comfort and safety and laboratory products to the Portuguese healthcare facilities. With more than 50 years providing innovative and quality healthcare solutions, Aviquímica is featured amongst the businesses selected as suppliers to the Health Department.

Ricardo Barros, Director said, “It is my belief that the use of Hegenberger Retractor will represent a significant breakthrough in episiotomy suturing and Aviquímica is most proud in making available a innovative tool that not only facilitates healthcare professionals task but above all improves patients recovery and well being. »

  • For further information about the Hegenberger Retractor, orders, or training support, please contact Aviquímica’s customer services team on (+351 217121940) or alternatively, send an email to (geral@aviquimica.pt).