Alcohol control


Portable device for the control of breath alcohol Alkohit-X100

Equipment Approved by the National Road Safety Authority through Order No. 12270/2014 published in the Diário da República 2nd series-No. 192 of 6 October 2014 as a blood alcohol screening device in traffic inspection.


  • Dimensions: 128x59x27mm
  • Weight: 148g (without battery - 126g)
  • Electrochemical sensor cell of high stability, allowing to extend the periodicity of the calibration and / or calibration verification to six months
  • It responds only to alcohol on exhalation, unaffected by possible contamination, other substances present in the airways and / or air pollutants
  • Extended reading range - 0.00 g / l TAS to 6.90 g / l TAS
  • Self-test every time it is turned on
  • Innovative control system guaranteeing accuracy of +/- 5% blood alcohol concentration in relation to the calibration value
  • High reproducibility of results
  • Result expression, in increments of 0.001, in g / l blood alcohol level (BAC)
  • Access to the result of the last test, even after the device has been switched off
  • Response time: 3 seconds
  • Sample collected automatically, or manually if necessary, by expiration through a single-use nozzle
  • Audible warning of collection monitoring
  • Illuminated panel with four digits (0.000)
  • Automatic closing after two minutes of inactivity.
  • Supplied with leather pouch or hard carrying case.

Price: 295€ + VAT