Tyvek Bracelets

Identification Bracelets

Tyvek Bracelets Tyvek Bracelets

Visa Band ® Tyvek bracelets are economical, durable and rupture-resistant.

The bracelets are water-proof and non-transferable, and ideal for easy and swift customer identification. Its fastening is accomplished by adhesive system, which does not allow for its reutilization, as it permanently damages the bracelet when unstuck.

We offer a vast selection of tyvek bracelets, including standard models, with pre-printed design, with barcode and customized (through order)

  • Standard Tyvek ® Bracelets
  • Varied Printings Tyvek ® Bracelets
  • Barcode Tyvek ® Bracelets
  • Flash Tyvek ® Bracelets