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Designed for fast, safe and effective removal of single-use trawlers and/or urinals at the place of use.

Suitable for bathrooms in private rooms and isolation rooms, without leaving out areas of treatment and diagnosis such as Imaging, Day Hospitals, Dialysis and Urgent Services.

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Certificação Acreditada
Patient Safety
Safe Restrainers and Transfers

Cinto Segurança

  • SALVACLIP Restrainer Belt

- Reference: SCP4400 (TMT6512) – Size SCP4450 (TMT6513) – Size L

- It provides a series of grips (4) as extra grip points.

- Helps to accomplish more easily the different tasks with patients: to roam, to mobilize, to elevate, to sit, to recline, etc.

- Easy, comfortable, safe and effective, avoiding injuries due to excessive effort of the professional.

- Adapts to the waist of the user by means of an adjustable band with nylon clip.




  • Transfer Belt

- Reference: SCP4550 (TMT6500)


banda membros inferiores



  • Lower Limb Band

de transferência MEDI-GLIDETM1


Tábuas de transferência MEDI-GLIDETM

  • MEDI-GLIDETM Tranfer Boards

- Reference: Mediglide TMG 6410 MEDICARESYSTEM




- Transfer board in polyethylene (plastic) measures 75x33cm

- Maximum weight: 135 kg


Attention: Technical assistance is essencial for the transfer bed-wheelchair-bed with safety and autonomy for the patient and without overload for the health professional or others.


Medical Restraints for Patients

Aviquímica markets a range of textile products for restraint of patients whether in bed (Salvacel, Salvafix), or in wheelchair. These products strictly adhere to the requirements of the European directives which regulate the procedures in hospital environments in what concerns orthopedics and geriatrics.

Aside from the restraining systems, the supplier offers a range of products for use in:

  • Orthopedics and trauma
  • Escher Prevention
  • Mattress and pillow protection



  • Adult Abdominal Restraint

- 2 meters of Ribbon;

Hypoallergenic fabric cushioned with 100% white cotton;

- Tensile strength up to 160kg;

- Permits postural changes;

- Ref. SVC 2100 / SVC 2200 / SVC 2300.


  • Wrist Restraints



Wrist Restraints
with plastic ring

Wrist Restraints
with velcro


  • Glove Restraint

- To ensure the safety of agitated patients, only when wrist immobilization is not effective. 
- Perforated back for ventilation and breathing of the skin.

luva imobilizadora LUVA Imobilizadora2

  • Restraints - SALVACLIPTM

Containment for wheelchair patients with perineal and trunk restraint:

salvaclip salvaclip2 salvaclip3

Patients who require decubitus protection:

- Anti-escara heel and elbow of use per patient, to prevent the appearance of pressure ulcer 
of the calcaneus, in patients with a risk score greater than 18 on the Braden scale.




  • Salvafix Advanced High-Security Immobilization System from Medicare Systems

Immobilization system (restriction / containment) Safe, Comfortable and Simple. Prevents the risk of self-injury 
of the patient, of falling of the bed and of ulcers of pressure or abrasion. It is the most suitable system for patients
of the psychiatric disorders.

Main Features:

- Made of 100% polyester, specially designed to guarantee maximum tear resistance.

- All edges and holes are welded by ultrasonic technology.

- Quick and versatile application system can be placed with the patient completely lying on the bed.

- Has great variability of fit, due to its multiple anchor points of the systems magnetic clamping / locking devices.

salvaflix4salvaflix3 salvaflix2

The complete system includes:

- 1 Trunk belt, 18 cm wide and with two side bands.

- 1 torso restraint harness.

- 1 Complete wrist rest system.

- 1 Complete ankle restraint system.

- 14 Magnetic closing buttons.

- 4 magnetic keys.