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Designed for fast, safe and effective removal of single-use trawlers and/or urinals at the place of use.

Suitable for bathrooms in private rooms and isolation rooms, without leaving out areas of treatment and diagnosis such as Imaging, Day Hospitals, Dialysis and Urgent Services.

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Hygiene and Disinfection

Aviquímica distributes a complete range of hygiene and disinfection products of surfaces, skin and hands.

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For Surfaces

Wet wipes for disinfection of surfaces and equipment, efficient in the destruction/eradication of the five great groups of pathogenic microorganisms – Tuffie 5.

For Hands and Skin
  • Surgical
  • Dermoprotective
  • Alcohol Solution for hand disinfection
For Instrumental
  • Disinfectants
  • Disincrustants
  • Sterilizers

Aviquímica distributes a complete range of hygiene and hospital disinfection products produced by Técnicas de Higiene s.l.

This company encompasses laboratories specialized in researching and developing all classes of products for these sectors. Its production includes, alongside the hospital sector, the food industry and the veterinary industry.