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Designed for fast, safe and effective removal of single-use trawlers and/or urinals at the place of use.

Suitable for bathrooms in private rooms and isolation rooms, without leaving out areas of treatment and diagnosis such as Imaging, Day Hospitals, Dialysis and Urgent Services.

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Pyrogen Tests

Testes de PirógeniosPyrogens or bacterial endotoxins are fragments from the cell wall. Pyrogens cause a fever when injected in mammals and tissue and cell cultures.

Aviquímica markets the complete range of products for detection of pyrogens (LAL Test) by the brand Pyroquant Diagnostik GmbH, namely:

  • Reagents for the various Methods and diverse Sensitivities
  • Control and reference Endotoxins
  • De-pyrogenized Test and Dilution tubes
  • Sterile Distilled apyrogenic Water for LAL Reconstitution and Dilutions
  • LAL Reconstitution Stop gag

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