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Designed for fast, safe and effective removal of single-use trawlers and/or urinals at the place of use.

Suitable for bathrooms in private rooms and isolation rooms, without leaving out areas of treatment and diagnosis such as Imaging, Day Hospitals, Dialysis and Urgent Services.

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Thoracic Drainage >> Microtek

MictotekThoracic drainage consists of the controlled removal of air and/or secretions from the thorax in order to reestablish pulmonary function, after cardiac surgery, for instance. The drainage is carried out with a low vacuum control system produced by Microtek.

The simplicity of the flask system makes it much easier to connect, handle and control. The readings are very accurate, as the flasks are transparent and the calibration is clear. The drainage vacuum is also controlled with elevated precision. The modular design allows for a connection to a series of other systems in order to meet the required demands. From an economical point of view, the use of the single use flask is beneficial, as it can be easily replaced without requiring complete replacement of the system.

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