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Designed for fast, safe and effective removal of single-use trawlers and/or urinals at the place of use.

Suitable for bathrooms in private rooms and isolation rooms, without leaving out areas of treatment and diagnosis such as Imaging, Day Hospitals, Dialysis and Urgent Services.

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Estrada da Luz, N º 222-A/B
1600-165 Lisboa
T. (+351) 21 712 19 40
F. (+351) 21 712 19 59
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Rua Damião de Góis, N º 34-Sala 3
4050-221 Porto
T. (+351) 22 509 89 31
F. (+351) 22 509 89 31


Alameda D. Afonso Henriques, nº76 R/C Dtº
1000-125 Lisboa
T. (+351) 218 409 430
F. (+351) 218 485 067