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Designed for fast, safe and effective removal of single-use trawlers and/or urinals at the place of use.

Suitable for bathrooms in private rooms and isolation rooms, without leaving out areas of treatment and diagnosis such as Imaging, Day Hospitals, Dialysis and Urgent Services.

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Health for Life

Avíquimica Saúde para a Vida

Aviquímica is a limited liability company, consisting, in its genesis, of a family business with a fully national structure. All its Assets as well as its resources – Associates, Estate, collaborators and Market – are of Portuguese origin.

Founded in the beginning of the 1960’s, the company originated in the midst of the Portuguese economic climate of the time, bringing with it a breath of fresh air, considering the peripheral situation of the country, almost fully enclosed within itself and still living off the remainder of the Portuguese overseas colonies. With this as backdrop, Aviquímica’s firm and solid project to assert itself in the field of health services, and particularly in the hospital market, as a wholesale company and as a company specialized in providing single use equipments that are technologically advanced and innovative made Aviquímica, as an Organization of resources, a prominent partner to all agents of this professional field, providing them with a vast variety of solutions and helping to fulfill the needs of the medical, nursing and auxiliary staff, contributing thus to a clear improvement of Healthcare Services in Portugal, in what concerns the Safety, Hygiene and Comfort of bedridden patients.

HEALTH FOR LIFE is the designation of the technical, commercial and Marketing department, presently created, which aims to respond to the need to accomplish a modern-day AVIQUÍMICA project, and which, in a nutshell, allowed for the renewed vows of the company with the principles and the objectives which informed it when it was formed nearly half a century ago.

Leadership, Innovation and Excellence are the three base pillars of the dynamic options of the new department, and hold specific relevance to its direct application at the product level and the way in which they are brought to the Health Market’s knowledge. With one single difference: the generalist character that has been hallmark of the company thus far now sees its reverse side with new dynamic stimulus.

The Department is greatly interested in and develops its activity in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Wound Treatment, New Materials and Advanced Technology Devices, with interventions (in progress or programmed) in the specialties of Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Anesthesiology, Pneumology, Gastroenterology and Orthopedics.

HEALTH FOR LIFE, where specialized AVIQUÍMICA emerges!